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Essay: Keeping pets

Topic: Too much attention is paid to and too much money is spent on keeping pets, while people through out the world are starving.

Discuss the arguments for and against keeping  pets.


Recently, keeping pets is one of the most controversial issues. It has generated a lavish deal of heated debate in over the world. Reportedly, the amount of money spent on keeping pets is increasing gradually instead of using for many starving regions whilst some people are in the opposite side. In this essay, I am going to analyze this issue from both points of view.

It is unarguable that ore and more money are invested in pets. Taking Paris Hilton as an example, she is a rich woman and she has just built a luxury house for her pets, which costs approximately 1 million dollars. If this amount of money used for donating some volunteer action, many famine could be fought back. From this, it can be said that humans are wasting their money for many unimportant purpose such as keeping pets instead of investing in more beneficial goals.

On the other hand, many recent researches have shown that pets play an important role in human’s life. In the modern life, young people are too busy with their business, their family and career. Sometimes they forget their responsibility with the old such as their parent or grandparent. So the old people have t share their emotions with their friends or their loyal pets. Besides that, pets such as dog are very helpful in guiding the blind people. For this reason, keeping pets is essential demand, which makes world more interesting and colorful.

My personal conclusion is that although keeping pets makes us invest time and money but it is undoubtedly that life will be much more monotonous if it is without pets                      

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